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Violent marriages: A woman's quest to help synod bishops grasp the issue
Wed, Oct 14th 2015 11:00 am
VATICAN CITY (CNA/EWTN News) - Christauria Welland is a clinical psychologist who's worked with both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence - and with one in three women worldwide suffering from abuse at the hands of a partner, her goal is to make sure bishops know about the problem.
St. Christopher Parish hosts Family Day Saturday
Wed, Oct 14th 2015 08:00 am
In honor of the Synod on the Family, which takes place in Rome in October, St. Christopher Parish in Tonawanda will hold its own Family Day to promote the Catholic Church providing pastoral care for all families and the need for this care regardless of how traditional or non-traditional they may be.
Diverse synod groups united in concern over 'gender ideology'
Tue, Oct 13th 2015 09:00 am
VATICAN CITY (CNA/EWTN News) - Despite the significant differences among the 13 small groups that are discussing the working document at the Synod on the Family, the majority are in agreement that gender ideology poses a serious challenge for families in the modern world.
From the synod: Mercy is not an abandonment of Church teaching
Mon, Oct 12th 2015 09:40 am
VATICAN CITY (CNA/EWTN News) - Mercy has emerged as a major theme in the synod of bishops, as discussion has moved forward with many participants emphasizing that while mercy is greatly needed, it must always be linked to truth.
New movement hopes to share the reality of marriage
Thu, Oct 8th 2015 10:00 am
SAN FRANCISCO (CNA) - A new group called the Marriage Reality Movement aims to help Catholics and others renew the vision of marriage in society.
It's a family affair for St. Therese, whose parents are poised for sainthood
Wed, Oct 7th 2015 04:00 pm
ROME, ITALY (CNA/EWTN News) - Glass cases with the relics of Saint Therese of Lisieux and her parents, Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin, will be displayed in Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome for the entirety of the Synod on the Family, Oct. 4-25.
Pope Francis backs the new synod process in unanticipated speech
Wed, Oct 7th 2015 03:00 pm
VATICAN CITY (CNA/EWTN News) - In an unexpected speech at the synod on Tuesday, Pope Francis has stated that this gathering is in continuity with 2014 synod, which he said never called into question the Church's teaching on marriage.
Pope arrives in Philly in our day four gallery
Mon, Sep 28th 2015 04:00 pm
Pope Francis arrived in Philadelphia Saturday for the World Meeting of Families. We decided to catch up with several of our diocesan friends in Philly as we present our day four photo gallery.
Local Catholics join together to watch papal Mass
Mon, Sep 28th 2015 03:00 pm
About 100 people skipped Sunday's Buffalo Bills victory over the Miami Dolphins for another kind of community activity: a special telecast of Pope Francis' closing Mass of the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia screened at St. Leo the Great Church in Amherst.
Pope: Communion for divorced, remarried isn't the only synod issue
Mon, Sep 28th 2015 01:00 pm
VATICAN CITY (CNA/EWTN News) - Pope Francis told journalists on board his flight to Rome that giving communion to divorced and remarried Catholics is a "simplistic" solution to the issue, and stressed that there are also other problems that need to be discussed.
Full transcript of Holy Father's interview with media
Mon, Sep 28th 2015 01:00 pm
VATICAN CITY (CNA/EWTN News) - In a 47 minute Q&A with journalists on his way back to Rome Pope Francis touched on sensitive topics such as forgiving abusers and conscientious objection, as well as the upcoming synod of bishops and women's ordination.
God's love is for everyone - and it's dangerous to think otherwise, pope says
Sun, Sep 27th 2015 07:35 pm
PHILADELPHIA, PA. (CNA/EWTN News) - At the final Mass closing out the 2015 World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, Pope Francis warned against narrowing God's love and works to only a certain group of people.
Religious freedom faces state laws in WMOF session
Fri, Sep 25th 2015 04:00 pm
Issues of religious freedom have become a regular feature of headlines in recent years. Lawsuits have tried to protect small businesses, individuals and even a religious order from being forced to act against their religious morals. During the World Meeting of Families, one of several breakout sessions dealt with religious freedom and the family.
World Meeting of Families breakout session offers practical parenting tips
Thu, Sep 24th 2015 01:00 pm
Two men from Buffalo traveled to Philadelphia to learn how to raise their children in the faith. They, along with 20 others from the Diocese of Buffalo, joined a crowd of 18,000 for the World Meeting of Families.
Marriage and family are being threatened, Pope tells U.S. Congress
Thu, Sep 24th 2015 12:10 pm
WASHINGTON, DC (CNA/EWTN News) - In his lengthy speech to the U.S. Congress on Thursday, Pope Francis said the family is being threatened today like never before, and praised American figures, including Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr., for their tireless efforts to defend freedom and values.
Diocesan representative attends conference on urban families in Philadephia
Thu, Sep 24th 2015 09:00 am
On Wednesday, the same day Pope Francis was in Washington, D.C., meeting with President Barack Obama and many American bishops, the World Meeting of Families was held in Philadelphia. Michael Gilhooly, assistant director of the Response to Love Center in Buffalo, attended one of the workshops held there, entitled "In the City: Concerns of the Urban Family," which addressed the concerns that plague many urban families whose members end up caught in a cycle of poverty and violence.
Diocesan represenatives attend World Meeting of Families
Tue, Sep 22nd 2015 12:25 pm
A delegation of about 20 people from the Diocese of Buffalo will attend the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. The mixed group of parents, grandparents, educators, clergy and vowed religious will attend keynote addresses and breakout sessions dealing with parents as catechists, concerns of the urban family, marriage and vocations.
Diocese to eliminate fees for marriage annulments
Mon, Sep 14th 2015 06:00 am
With the upcoming World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia (Sept. 22-25), and in anticipation of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, which begins on Dec. 8, Bishop Richard Malone has decided to eliminate all fees associated with seeking a marriage annulment through the Diocese of Buffalo's Marriage Tribunal.
Everything you need to know about annulments
Mon, Sep 14th 2015 06:00 am
A confusing process to many, we've answered many of the common questions regarding annulments.
Marriage between a man and a woman is under attack, Pope Francis says
Fri, Sep 11th 2015 12:00 pm
VATICAN CITY (CNA/EWTN News) - Pope Francis told couples to defend God's design for the family as the union of a man and woman for the procreation of children, and urged them to be merciful to those whose marriages have failed.
How might the new annulment process affect the Synod on the Family?
Thu, Sep 10th 2015 10:00 am
VATICAN CITY (CNA/EWTN News) - By reforming the process for discovering the nullity of marriage on Tuesday, mere weeks before the beginning of October's Synod on the Family, Pope Francis has taken that issue out of the hands of the synod fathers.
Revamped annulment process focuses on speed, role of local bishops
Tue, Sep 8th 2015 02:00 pm
VATICAN CITY (CNA/EWTN News) - In a reformed marriage annulment process, Pope Francis has made significant changes, giving more of a role to the local bishop, dropping automatic appeals, and declaring the process free of charge.
What does the Church really say about divorce? It might not be what you think
Tue, Sep 8th 2015 09:00 am
DENVER, COLO. (CNA/EWTN News) - "I have a friend who has been divorced for 30 years. Her husband just left her one day, and she hasn't received communion in all this time," author David Dziena recalled.
Pew Research study says U.S. Catholics open to non-traditional families
Wed, Sep 2nd 2015 01:00 pm
When Pope Francis arrives in the U.S. for the World Meeting of Families later this month, he will find a Catholic public that is remarkably accepting of a variety of non-traditional families, according to a new Pew Research Center survey that provides an in-depth look at American Catholics' views on family life, sexuality and Catholic identity.
A gruesome accident, a powerful faith - one Catholic couple's story
Wed, Aug 19th 2015 10:00 am
LINCOLN, NEB. (CNA/EWTN News) - It was a cold December day in Nebraska, and Ashley Stevens was riding in a car with four other women.
What's destroying some Catholic marriages? The answer may surprise you
Tue, Aug 18th 2015 08:00 am
WASHINGTON, D.C. (CNA) - Of the countless Catholic couples who have come through Father T.G. Morrow's office in Washington D.C. for marriage counseling, two remain imprinted in the priest's mind even today.
Pope: Divorce and remarriage contradicts the sacrament, but Church always reaches out
Wed, Aug 5th 2015 02:00 pm
VATICAN CITY (CNA/EWTN News) - Echoing his predecessors on the need to care for divorced and remarried persons, Pope Francis said Christians should help these persons integrate into the community rather than treating them as though they are excommunicated.
Bishop Malone: Defend our religious freedom
Mon, Aug 3rd 2015 08:00 am
The tragic and mistaken Supreme Court decision to redefine marriage legally to include so-called "same-sex marriage" has many negative consequences. Among those consequences, one of the most alarming, in my judgment, is the threat this ruling poses to the religious freedom of people of faith and faith-based institutions that honor marriage as God has created it to be, the union of one man and one woman, open to the birth and rearing of children.
Pray that the family synod will deepen the Church's spiritual discernment, pope asks
Tue, Jul 7th 2015 03:00 pm
GUAYAQUIL, ECUADOR (CNA/EWTN News) - During a Mass said on Monday, the first full day of his visit to Ecuador, Pope Francis called for prayers that the upcoming Synod on the Family might discern the needs of the family, an institution irreplaceable to society.
This 95-year-old Catholic couple died in each other's arms
Mon, Jul 6th 2015 01:00 pm
SAN DIEGO, CALIF. (CNA/EWTN News) - Few love stories can say that they began at the age of eight. But for Jeanette and Alexander Toczko, they couldn't have imagined life any other way.
Marriage has had its day in Court, but religious freedom could soon follow
Mon, Jun 29th 2015 10:00 am
WASHINGTON, D.C. (CNA/EWTN News) - Friday's Supreme Court ruling against the traditional understanding of marriage may pose huge obstacles to the free exercise of religion and conscience across the US, the nation's bishops have said in response to the decision.
Bishop Malone's statement on same-sex marriage ruling
Fri, Jun 26th 2015 10:05 am
I am bitterly disappointed that the majority of justices of the U.S. Supreme Court has decided to overturn the definition of marriage, which has remained unchanged for more than two millennia. Marriage is the lifelong exclusive union of one man and one woman, a font of unitive life and love as well as the foundation of a stable family and society.
Supreme Court redefines marriage
Fri, Jun 26th 2015 10:00 am
In a wide-reaching decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has declared that same-sex "marriage" is a constitutional right and that states must recognize same-sex unions contracted as marriages in other states.
Clearing up the confusion: New film sheds light on beauty, truth of marriage
Tue, Jun 23rd 2015 08:00 am
Ahead of the highly anticipated Synod on the Family in October, many dioceses and Catholic media producers are finding new ways to ramp up their resources on marriage and family life.
Bishop talks religious liberty on EWTN
Thu, Jun 18th 2015 08:00 am
Bishop Richard J. Malone discussed the current status and future of several religious liberty issues on "EWTN Live" Wednesday night. Host Father Mitch Pacwa interviewed the bishop about gay marriage, human trafficking and the HHS mandate forcing religious institutions to provide health care coverage for contraception and abortion-inducing drugs, with Bishop Malone explaining that government intrusion is starting to prevent the Catholic Church from performing its ministries.