General Information

The Western New York Catholic (WNYC) is the official newspaper for the Diocese of Buffalo and is published 12 times a year. It is distributed the first weekend of each month to subscribers, local parishes, churches, TOPS Markets, and Catholic organizations in Western New York Region.

Our readers consist of more than 600,000 Catholics in eight counties, most of whom depend on the content of the WNYC to inform them of news happening happening in the Diocese and the Roman Catholic Church. Our readership knows that advertising in the WNYC, is a great way to publicize their business, school, event or function.

Our circulation is 43,000 across eight counties, and our print run is 45,000.


Advertising Policies


Annual Subscription Rate - $21, single copy - $2.00


Advertising Reservation Deadline Dates

  • See our online Advertising Calendar for deadlines.
  • Graphic Design services for creating, developing and/or editing advertisements are provided at no charge after an ad reservation has been made.
  • All Verbiage, images, symbols, logos or pictures must be sent via email before 5 p.m. of the Reservation Deadline.
  • We accept advertising from commercial businesses and not-for-profit organizations
  • Insertion ad costs are $40 per 1000 and have a 43,000 minimum. Insertions must not to exceed 9.5" W x 10" H.
  • Four hard copy samples of the pre-printed insert must be mailed in advance for approval and must meet U.S. Postal requirements
  • Media Kit and rate card are available at
  • The What's Happening section is printed as a service to diocesan Catholics within each monthly issue. Classified "style" publishing rates are: 1 - 20 words $20; 21-30 words $30; 31-40 words $40; 41-50 words $50. There is a 60 word limit.
  • All What's Happening submissions must be submitted by email at mail with the What's Happening? content. No phone calls or type-written submissions will be accepted.
  • Classified ads are not published in the WNY Catholic newspaper. This includes advertisements for Help Wanted, Real Estate, Business Services, Items for Sale, Personal Notices, etc.
  • The publisher reserves the right to decline any advertising or editorial deemed inappropriate or in conflict with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. 
  • The Western New York Catholic respectfully declines any political advertising.


Ad Requirements

  • Sizes & Specs: Find our display or modular advertising sizes and specifications here. Email camera ready artwork or if you have technical questions regarding graphic design, please contact Nicole at
  •  All camera ready ads must be sized according to our specs.
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF preferred - x1a format strongly preferred
  • In the event that an ad is not sized properly and there is no ability to resize the ad in a timely manner by the client, the Western New York Catholic reserves the right to resize the ad. The Western New York Catholic does not "float" ads due to incorrect sizing. 
  • All photos - Send photos as email attachments to Set images at 300 dpi RGB image saved as .jpg or .tiff file.


Proofing, Copy Editing and Lay-Out

  • Submitted advertisements will be checked for size and resolution. 
  • For staff generated designs a proof will be emailed to the client for final approval. Approvals, changes or notes must be included in the body of the reply email to the Western New York Catholic. Failure to reply may cause the cancelation of your ad.
  • The Western New York Catholic can make no promises as to the placement or position of the advertisement. The staff will do it's best to accommodate the client's requests

Website Advertising and Package Deals

  • Click here to view our website advertising specifications
  • Discount of 10% when both print and web ads are purchased together. Ask our Advertising Coordinators for details at


Policies and Conditions

  • All advertisements are subject to publisher's approval

  • The Western New York Catholic newspaper reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising at any time.

  • No alcoholic beverage, tobacco or political advertising will be accepted.

  • Cancellations cannot be accepted after the issue closing date.

  • Early Cancellation of an advertising schedule, which is earning a Frequency Discount before the full insertion commitment is fulfilled, will result in the elimination of the Frequency Discount on all earlier insertions. Advertiser will be billed for each individual ad (already published) at the full open rate

  • The Western New York Catholic newspaper and The Diocese of Buffalo, N.Y. will not be liable for errors in advertisements with a signed Approval and/or beyond the first insertion 

  • Advertiser will be entitled to refund of advertisement price, or insertion in next available issue, at the Managing Editor's discretion 

  • The Western New York Catholic newspaper and The Diocese of Buffalo, N.Y. will not be liable for errors or omissions in, or failure to insert, any advertisement for which it may be responsible beyond cost of actual space in which error or failure to insert occurred

  • Ad position cannot be guaranteed. No credit or allowances for position will be given at any time.

  • The Western New York Catholic newspaper and The Diocese of Buffalo, N.Y. will not be bound by any terms or conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on order blanks, advertiser's forms or copy instructions when in conflict with terms and conditions of publisher's policies 

  • Advertisers and advertising agencies will indemnify and hold harmless The Western New York Catholic newspaper and The Diocese of Buffalo, N.Y., its officers, agents, employees and contractors for all content and information supplied to publisher, including text, representations and illustrations of advertisements printed, and for defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, plagiarism, and in the case of pre-printed inserts, deficient postage

  • The Western New York Catholic newspaper and The Diocese of Buffalo, N.Y. shall not be liable for failure to print, publish or circulate all or any part of any issue in which an advertisement accepted by the publisher is contained, if failure is due to acts of God or government, strikes, accidents, lack of newsprint or other circumstances beyond the control of The Western New York Catholic newspaper and The Diocese of Buffalo, N.Y.