Sound Board: Why I march

Tue, Mar 13th 2018 01:00 pm
Queen of Martyrs, Cheektowaga

On Jan. 22, 1973, the Supreme Court legalized abortion in the United States. Since then, the lives of 60 million innocent babies have been taken by abortion. This is a tremendously horrible crime against humanity. It is the killing of the most helpless and innocent of all human life. It is the greatest human rights violation of our time. Every January since 1974, tens of thousands of pro-life warriors of every age, race, gender and religion gather in Washington D.C. in peaceful protest against the laws that made it possible. Amidst the bitter cold, these people come from every corner of the country to march in the streets of our nation's capital and stand up against abortion.This protest is called the March for Life, and it is meant to show the world that unborn babies are precious human beings worth protecting.  

Although the March for Life is a solemn procession to mourn the aborted, it is also an encouraging symbol of hope and support for life.  It shows that there are so many people who care about the unborn and who are not afraid to stand up for life.  The March for Life brings hope that one day hearts will be changed and people will realize that all human life should be protected and valued from its biological beginning to its natural end.  

I attended the March for Life three times, and every time I have been overwhelmed by the amount of energy and passion the marchers have. It is an incredible feeling to be surrounded by people who are all united by one belief: Love will end abortion. Taking part gives me hope that abortion will. This hope is growing stronger as more and more people attend the march and the pro-life movement continues to grow. Many people are coming to see the truth that, as embryology tells us, the unborn baby is a distinct, living and whole human being. It is not the mother's body. It is not a mass of tissue.  It is a real life. And because of that, it has human rights, including the right to life.  

No person in this world has the right to take the life of an innocent human being that God has created in His image. This is the reason I am pro-life.  

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