Charismatic Renewal of diocese to celebrate Pentecost Vigil Mass

Thu, May 22nd 2014 11:00 am

Charismatic Renewal of the diocese will offer a Vigil Mass at Our Lady of Pompeii Church at 158 Laverack Ave., Lancaster, on Saturday, June 7, at 6:30 p.m. Charismatic Renewal will team up with Hispanic Charismatic Renewal and the Buffalo Chapter of Magnificat for this event. St. Luke's "Voices of Mercy" will provide the music for the celebration. All are invited to attend this charismatic style Mass and celebration of Pentecost.

This is an important gathering particularly for Catholic Charismatic Renewal. It is a reminder of the original Pentecostal prayer meeting at Duquesne University in Pennsylvania where a few students assembled to experience the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in terms of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

What they experienced were the gifts of tongues, prophetic messages and inspired words of knowledge. It gave birth to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the United States.

All groups involved in Charismatic Renewal are expecting to be present at this celebration. These groups involve the Spanish community, Magnificat-Buffalo Chapter and all prayer groups in the diocese. It is hoped that many more will come to celebrate this joyous feast.

Charismatic Renewal has been present in the Diocese of Buffalo since the early 1970s. The renewal has been instrumental in helping the Church come to a deeper realization of God's love. Many people involved in Charismatic Renewal have utilized their gifts and became more involved in the ministry of the Church. While Charismatic Renewal has diminished in terms of activity over the years, the effects of the charismatic are evident in many areas of the Church.

Today, Charismatic Renewal has 18 prayer groups throughout Western New York. Magnificat- Buffalo Chapter has four breakfast gatherings quarterly throughout the year that many women attend regularly. The Spanish community has two strong prayer groups; one at Holy Cross Church in Buffalo and one at Holy Angels Church in Buffalo, which sponsor many activities for all to attend.

This celebratration of Pentecost Mass is intended to renew this sense of commitment to Charismatic Renewal and further growth of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Everyone is encouraged and invited to join in this Pentecostal movement.

Charismatic Renewal will be offering two Life in the Spirit seminars in the fall. One will take place in the Northtowns and one in the Southtowns for anyone to attend and grow in their faith.

Further information is available at 716-683-6522.  

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