Bishop Scharfenberger Offers Encouragement and Guidance during Coronavirus Pandemic

Fri, Mar 20th 2020 12:00 pm

 Apostolic Administrator, Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger, encourages prayer and reflection at home and the utilization of life-streamed liturgies for all Catholic faithful deprived of the sacramental life of the Church in this Lenten Season due to restrictions required to prevent widespread contagion of the novel coronavirus.

In a 6-minute video message, Bishop Scharfenberger, promotes reaching out by phone to those not adept in using technology and to check on elderly adults who might face particular challenges of isolation during the pandemic. He further highlighted the extensive spiritual resources and information made available at the Diocesan website: which includes links to Masses that are live-streamed at various parishes of the Diocese. 

Bishop Scharfenberger also stressed the importance of complying with social distancing requirements even by those not affected by the virus: "Though it seems unreasonable and even counter-intuitive for those of us who feel just fine and haven't personally experienced any effects - or know anyone who has - we do so out of care and concern for others and those who would likely experience the most severe effects of the coronavirus," he said. 

Bishop Scharfeberger has issued a dispensation to all Catholics from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation, given governmental restrictions on the assembly of people during this time.  Furthermore, all penance services, Confirmations and other parish events have been cancelled or postponed: