Sound Board: Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you

by Michael Libler
Fri, Jan 31st 2020 03:35 pm

Has there ever been a time in your life when you've felt God's love for you truly and intimately? For me, one particular time this happened was at a healing Mass that my family and I attended.

During this time in my life, I was struggling with my relationship with God and knowing who He truly was. It was after the Mass had ended, and the priest began praying over the people as they lined up down the center aisle. My family and I were in line waiting to be prayed with. As we waited, I watched the priest as he extended his hands and prayed for the people. The power of God was noticeably strong within him and everyone who he interceded for was overcome by the Holy Spirit.

Next, it was our family's turn to be prayed for. We all stepped up, my parents and three siblings. The priest looked at me with piercing eyes, and he said to me, "I will pray for you separately." He led me aside and then proceeded to pray with each of my family members, lastly coming to me. He looked me strait in the eye and firmly asked what I wanted God to do for me. As the priest looked at me I felt that he already knew what I wanted. I felt like he was seeing right through me. I hesitated to answer. Reluctantly, I told him with a quiet and shaky voice. He then placed one of his hands on my forehead, and grasped my hands with his other. He began praying quickly and quietly. I closed my eyes. I could feel "something" trying to break into my heart. I tried to resist but stumbled back a few steps getting supported by the ministers. The priest stepped forward with outstretched hands placing them back on my forehead. I felt a slight push from his arm as he prayed with muffled words. Once again, I felt the "something," but before I could attempt fighting this feeling for the second time, I was overcome by it and I fell back.

Gently I was laid on the floor by the ministers. My eyes were closed. My arms folded across my chest. I lay there for what seemed like forever. I could hear the voice of the priest as he continued to pray over those present. I could hear sounds of the people moving about me. I was aware of the lights vibrantly shining in the church. But as I lay, I felt as if I was not there. I felt far away and that I was observing and hearing all that was happening from someplace far off. I felt peace. Minutes passed. I attempted to move, still trying to fight, but all I could do was lay there. I felt paralyzed. The "something" that I was feeling, I realized, was the Love of God, and for that brief moment I accepted it for what it truly is: peace, freedom and joy.

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