Adoption is the right option for families who cannot concieve

by Annette Henninger
Wed, Oct 30th 2019 03:10 pm

We are the Henninger family: Tom, Annette and Adam. Before we were a family of three, we were a couple who spent years trying to conceive.  There were surgeries, doctor appointments, medications, charts and endless tests.  We were left with the news that we would not be able to have children and if we did conceive, there was a very high probability of miscarriage.  Our next step was to try adoption.  What we were not prepared for was how difficult it would be to find an infant.

We made a personal resume and began sending them to obstetricians and lawyers who deal with adoption. Our hope was that they would give them to mothers who were in unfortunate situations and could not care for the babies they were carrying. This was not an easy task. We spent months waiting by the phone for "the call." In December 1993, we received an incredible Christmas gift! It was a 3-day-old baby boy!  He was the answer to our prayers and was active, growing and healthy.

At the age of 11 we discovered he needed a kidney transplant. We were forced to "open" a "closed" adoption and contacted the birth mother to see if she was a donor candidate. Health issues prevented her from being a donor but in our communication we made sure we thanked her profusely for choosing life.  She sacrificed 9 months of her life to do the right thing and to help us become a family. She said there was no other choice. She knew she was doing what was right.

Adam had his transplant when he was 12 and is now 25, living on his own and working as a dental hygienist. His health can be tricky sometimes but we thank God for his blessing.

So why am I telling you this story? Because there are so many couples and families out there who long for children of their own who can't conceive. Couples who are trying to adopt but are having no luck because of the lack of babies available. Abortion is taking away the life of a little girl or boy who could have a happy, long and productive life.

If you know of a girl in trouble with an unwanted pregnancy, suggest adoption. It's nine months of sacrifice to give a lifetime of love to a family waiting for children. Well worth it to save one of God's incredible blessings.
This is our story. There are thousands of adoption stories out there and at this moment there are thousands of families waiting to adopt. There are 36 couples waiting for every one baby placed. It's pretty sad to think about. Abortion is murdering the lives of God's little miracles. Babies that would and should and must be welcomed loved and appreciated.

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