Soundboard: Youth Board gave me confidence

by Jenna DiMartino
Mon, Jun 10th 2019 12:00 pm

Coming onto Youth Board I was a very shy and not very confident person, but now coming off of Youth Board I am more confident in myself and am open to talking more. It took a little while for me to put my input into things when we were in discussions, but after a while I gained confidence in myself and would be willing to share.

Being on Youth Board this past year has definitely helped me for the better. I had some fun times, met some amazing people, and grew both spiritually and personally. Gaining these skills also had helped me be a small group facilitator at convention. The group I had this year clicked right in the first session (we even have a handshake). Even though I hardly knew them, they managed to also help me with gaining confidence. Luckily, as the weekend progressed, I got to know them better and we all got to become a family.

Through everything I've done during Youth Board this year, one of the most important things I've learned is not to be afraid to open up. If you don't open up to anyone, you will never have your opinions heard. You must be willing to speak to others and share the amazing gifts you have and hear about and receive the ones that they have. In this upcoming year, I plan on returning to Youth Board and bring the gifts I've gained this year to the new board. These gifts are my ability to speak, my kindness, my creativity, and my passion for all that I do.  

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