Waiting for God to give answers

Sun, Feb 17th 2019 11:40 am

When I had my first birthday, my parents thought that I would need a companion in the form of a dog. So for my first birthday present, I got a little beagle puppy and we ended up naming him Oscar. Oscar was my best friend growing up. We would do everything together, even growing up. After a while, we even got used to his howling all the time. As the years passed we grew older together, a boy and his dog. Unfourtanlly, as one's time comes; he passed away in October of 2017. As he left us, he took a part of our heart.

The pet of my entire life and my part of my family had left me with a broken heart. I turned to God asking why He would do this. Why would you take one of the most beloved family members away from me? Deep down I knew he was in a better place, but I still wanted him to be here with me. As time went on I felt as I did not get an answer from Him that I would just forget it and keep moving on. After a couple of months, we found that our hearts and house were empty. It did not feel right without tail wags, licks and especially howls, so finally we decided we needed another four-legged family member.
In the spring of 2018, we decided to go back to the same breeder and get another puppy. As we arrived we were the last family to be there. There were two puppies left and we fell in love with both. We all looked at each other and realized that our hands were going to be full. We went with the intentions of getting one and ended up leaving with two new family members. Now I realized why God wasn't answering, He was waiting for me to see the new love I was about to receive. He had filled our hearts with double the love from the puppies we named Allie and Josie. Now our house is filled with howls again and I thank God for doubling the amount of love we received.

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