Diocese releases new list of priests

Wed, Nov 7th 2018 10:00 am

On Nov. 5, 2018, the Diocese of Buffalo released another list of priests with substantiated claims of sexual abuse of a minor. This is in addition to the original list published in March 2018. Priests who received a single allegation after their death are not included. Death dates for diocesan priests are in parenthesis.

Diocesan Priests

Rev. Ron Becker, seminarian from Trenton (2009)

Rev. Robert P. Conlin (1997)

Rev. Paul R. Coppola (2006)

Rev. Dennis Fronczak

Msgr. Gerald Leo Green (2012)

Rev. Louis Mako

Rev. Francis McKenna (1997)

Rev. Robert Moss (2018)

Rev. Michael Raimondo (RIP Italy)

Rev. Joseph Rappl

Rev. Joseph A. Schuster (2007)

Rev. Gerald Sheehan (2006)

Rev. Ronald Silverio

Rev. Howard Slack (1976)

Rev. Arthur Smith

Rev. Clatus E. Snyder (2001)

Msgr. William G. Stanton (2004)

Rev. Harry Richard Strassberger (1999)

Rev. Samuel Venne

Rev. Charles Werth (2017)

Religious Orders

Rev. Benedict Barszcz, SAC

Rev. James Burson, CJM

Rev. Peter Conroy, SJ

Rev. James Gould, SJ

Rev. Stanley Idziak, SAC

Rev. Paul Keeling, CRSP

Rev. Theodore Kocian, SAC

Rev. Michael Kolodziej, OFM Conv.

Rev. Linus E. Kopczewski, OFM

Rev. Thomas R. Marshall, CSP

Rev. Rene Maynard, OFM

Rev. Loren Nys, SDS

Rev. Theodore Podson, SchP

Rev. Maurice Scheier, OFM

Rev. James Smyka, OFM Conv.

Rev. Bernard Splawski, OFM

A summary of Diocesan files: Allegations regarding the sexual abuse of minors

Diocesan Priests = 132
Living = 45
Deceased = 87

Less 18 removed from ministry until case resolved
Less 48 deceased with one allegation
Less 42 publicly listed in March
Less 4 cleared on sex abuse charges

Diocesan Priests publicly listed on 11/5 = 20

Religious Order Priests = 44

Less 18 with a single allegation
Less 6 because abuse took place in other dioceses
Less 2 as no perpetrator was identified
Less 2 Religious Order needs to investigate

Religious Order Priests publicly listed on 11/5 = 16


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