Daily Bread food truck welcomes guest chef Father Paul Seil

Thu, Oct 11th 2018 09:00 am
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Father Paul Seil will be the guest of the Daily Bread food truck at their benefit bash on Oct. 11. (File Photo)
Father Paul Seil will be the guest of the Daily Bread food truck at their benefit bash on Oct. 11. (File Photo)

The former host of "Our Daily Bread," Father Paul D. Seil, will serve as guest chef for the Daily Bread Food Truck Benefit Bash, Oct. 11.

The Daily Bread Food Truck Mission is a division of the Western New York Impact Foundation and is Buffalo New York's first and only not-for-profit food share truck. It was the brain-child of Pastor Steve Biegner, of St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Other than the name, it has no relation to the Daybreak TV-produced cooking show.

"The philosophy behind this truck is based on the 'get one, give one' principle," explained Pastor Biegner. "When someone purchases certain items from the menu, the money will be used to provide meals to hungry families in the Buffalo community."

Since its maiden journey in 2016, the Daily Bread food truck has sold more than 2,200 meals and delivered over 3,000 meals to needy families.

"We believe that not only do the recipients of meals benefit, but the concept of 'get one, give one' is a compelling reason for participation by individuals who might not otherwise be aware of, or contribute to, the alleviation of hunger in our community," said Pastor Biegner. "Our 'get one, give one' concept allows consumers to become invested, in the awareness of the needs of others, and creates a partnership which carries us forward, expanding our effectiveness in the community."

One in four children in Erie County do not have enough food in their homes or on their tables. Facts show that hunger is a direct cause of poor performance in school and under-achievement in the work place, spreading the cycle of underemployment and poverty.

As the popularity and mission of the Daily Bread food truck gains momentum, the body of this truck is beginning to show the miles it has traveled. It is now time to upgrade the truck. With a more reliable vehicle, the mission of this food truck will travel to new heights by accommodating more events in the community.

So, mark your calendars, because you are cordially invited to the Daily Bread Food Truck Benefit Bash.

Bring your appetite to St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 4007 Main St., in Eggertsville, on Thursday, Oct. 11. From 5-7:30 p.m. there will be a delicious party going on with celebrity chef Father Seil cooking in the food truck, while Mike Aloisio, from Johnny's Meats on Hertel Avenue, will man the grill. Tickets for this event are $25 per person which includes entrance into the event, food, desserts, refreshments and fun. They can be purchased by contacting by calling 716-868-1232.

For more information on The Daily Bread food truck go to: www.dailybreadfoodtruck.com.  

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