Daybreak's 'In a Word' series returns

Fri, Apr 6th 2018 04:30 pm
Sarah Saltarelli has joined the `In a Word` team as one of the hosts.
Sarah Saltarelli has joined the "In a Word" team as one of the hosts.

In a word ... Fun.
In a word ... Fresh.
In a word ... Faith-filled.

Daybreak TV Productions' series "In a Word" is back with interesting topics delivered by a familiar face. Father Dave Richards continues to produce videos with a solid Catholic message. His upbeat delivery draws you in as you listen to his powerful reflections. "The goal of this new series is to offer a message on social media that gives viewers something to think about, something to live by, and though it is produced with young people in mind we see Faith Formation instructors, parents and teachers interested and responding as well," says Daybreak TV Productions Executive Producer Claire Rung.

A few topics that Father Richards will focus on in this series of "In a Word" are risk, trust, shame and faith.

Joining the "In a Word" team is Sarah Saltarelli, a Youth Minister at Annunciation Parish in Elma. Originally from Fort Collins, Colo., Saltarelli earned a bachelor's degree in clinical psychology from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio. She was a missionary with Life Teen Summer Camp in Georgia and was involved in Totus Tuus, a Catechetical program in Colorado. Saltarelli combines her knowledge of the Catholic faith with her experience and understanding of youth and young adults. The result is a video reflection that connects the youths to the faith in fun way. So far Saltarelli has tackled the issues of Identity and Priorities.  

"'In a Word' is a great response to our call to evangelize the culture," commented Saltarelli. "It utilizes media to reach young teens right where they are. It has been a pleasure to help create a few videos with the Daybreak team. My hope is that the Lord will use them to spark the growth of holiness in the young Church."

Father Richards also has strong feelings about this video series, "I'm blessed to have this opportunity to remind young people that no matter what they are going through someone understands them and is willing and trying to walk this journey with them," he said. "I remember being a teen, and it could be tough. If sharing faith through these videos helps them out, I'm all about it. God is so good and if I can share that with people, teens especially and bring them to God in some way - I'm in. The Church is alive and well in our youth, hopefully this can bring them some encouragement."

Betsy Amico, director of youth ministry at Queen of Heaven Parish works closely with Father Richards and has been his consultant on topics and scripts. "Teens are seeking truth, and Father Dave's genuine desire to speak truth, in love, combined with his playful, childlike attitude make him relatable," Amico stated. "I hope teens who watch these videos will see that there is true joy to be had by following God's plan and being open to the Holy Spirit."

Being open to the Spirit is most definitely the case when talking about the editing style of these short pieces. Daybreak TV Productions' own Ashley Czarnota, is the main videographer and editor of "In a Word."

"When I'm editing Father Dave's videos, listening to his words, and watching his upbeat delivery; it moves me to try different techniques and to visually keep up with his enthusiasm," Czarnota stated. "And now that we have Sarah working on these videos, who is just as excited to minister and guide the youth, it pushes me to experiment with different editing styles and features so I make sure I am matching her energy and delivery as well, without looking repetitive or stale. Sarah and Father Dave have two very different styles with the same spirit. And it is a lot of fun working with them both."

These short inspirational/teachable reflections can be found on the Daybreak TV Production YouTube Channel and will be distributed on the Daybreak TV Production Facebook page on Sundays.  

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