Diocese releases list of priests

Tue, Mar 20th 2018 10:15 am

The following list identifies diocesan priests who were removed from ministry, were retired, or left ministry after allegations of sexual abuse of a minor.  This list also includes deceased priests with more than one allegation made against them. The year of death is listed next to those who are deceased.

John R. Aurelio  (2009)

Donald W. Becker

David W. Bialkowski

Robert J. Biesinger   (2012)

James H. Cotter  (1991)

Donald S. Fafinski

Douglas F. Faraci

Fred G. Fingerle  (2002)

Michael R. Freeman  (2010)

Joseph P. Friel  (1995)

Mark M. Friel

Thomas G. Gresock

John P. Hajduk

Michael J. Harrington   (1989)

Brian M. Hatrick

James P. Hayes (1988)

Louis J. Hendricks (1990)

J. Grant Higgins  (2016)

Francis T. Hogan  (2010)

Fred D. Ingalls

Florian A. Jasinski (1983)

Gerald C. Jasinski

Richard P. Judd (1988)

Timothy J. Kelley

Thomas L. Kemp

Richard J. Keppeler (2011)

John D. Lewandowski (1982)

Bernard M. Mach  (2004)

Loville N. Martlock (2014)

Thomas J. McCarthy

Basil A. Ormsby (1997)

Norbert F. Orsolits

Martin L. Pavlock

Roy K. Ronald (2013)

Joseph E. Schieder (1996)

Gerard A. Smyczynski (1999)

James A. Spielman

Chester S. Stachewicz (2010)  

Edward J. Walker  (2002)

William G. Ward (2008)

William F. J. White  (2016)

Robert W. Wood


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