Christmas evangelization is spread through whispers

Wed, Dec 20th 2017 09:00 am

"Shhh. The baby is sleeping." Every parent of a newborn has whispered these words. Christmas is our whispering season. Christmas quiets the world. It is time to do what God did for us. It is time to share the Son of God with the world, quietly. God knows, a whisper is sometimes the best way to get a message across.

Many people come to Mass only on Christmas. There is something so appealing about this holy season that it continues to draw people who are otherwise disaffected by Christianity. God brings peace and soothes troubled souls by whispering to them this time of year. The world feels this deeply and bends its knee to the Infant Jesus.

Christmas is a great time to whisper the beauty and truth of your Catholic faith. For example, whisper the reasons behind the Christmas decorations which our culture still holds dear. Perhaps your conversation will deepen at some point. But for now, simply pick a few things to whisper about.

When the time is right, whisper the reason for the Christmas tree. Its greenness is a sign of everlasting life. The star which tops it is the star of Bethlehem.  Whisper about the crèche scene. Whisper that "manger" means "to eat" and that Christ is the Bread of Life. Whisper that Bethlehem means "house of bread." Whisper that every Mass is a little Christmas at which the Word becomes Flesh and dwells among us. Whisper that, at the first Christmas, all of creation was present - stars, plants, animals, men, women and angels. God Himself entered His creation at Christmas. Be an angel, a messenger of God, and give glory to God by sharing the Good News.

The Christmas season is a time to share the faith in new ways as well. It is a great time to change the home screen of your computer or your mobile phone to a religious Christmas scene. Don't forget to change your cover photo and profile picture on Facebook too. Most importantly, post about your personal love for Jesus throughout this season.

Grandparents are especially good at whispering the faith. One of the most effective things grandparents can do in the Christmas season is to give a religious gift to their grandchildren. A rosary, Miraculous Medal or a crucifix will mean the world to your grandchildren. But don't stop there. Include a short hand-written note about why your faith means so much to you. Your grandchildren will cherish that note forever.

In his homily for Midnight Mass 2016, Pope Francis said, "If we want to celebrate Christmas authentically, we need to contemplate this sign: the frail simplicity of the tiny newborn child, the meekness with which he is placed in a manger, the tender affection with which he is wrapped in swaddling clothes. That is where God is." God whispered to our world on the first Christmas. It is your turn to whisper Jesus into someone's life.

This Christmas, do not remain silent. Whisper your faith.  

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