Bishop Malone applauds decision against assisted suicide

Thu, Sep 7th 2017 03:30 pm

Bishop Richard J. Malone, bishop of Buffalo, released this statement in response to today's unanimous decision by New York's Court of Appeals:

"I applaud New York's highest court for upholding the state's prohibition of assisted suicide. We know that we live in a world full of threats to the sanctity and dignity of human life.  However, we also know that through prayer, education, responsible citizenship and pastoral care of all human life, especially the most vulnerable and in need of our love, we transform our society into a culture of life.

The evil of assisted suicide is an issue where the Church sees no grey area. Proponents of this legislation call it 'dying with dignity,' but the Catholic Church hardly considers it dignified to go against God's plan and choose the time and method of one's death.

 We can protect the unborn, serve those faced with disabilities, care for the sick and dying, and stand against violence... and we can do so with integrity, compassion, charity and justice."