'Our Daily Bread' puts the spotlight on foster care

Fri, May 12th 2017 01:00 pm
Daybreak TV Productions
Father Paul D. Seil will talk about foster care on the next `Our Daily Bread.` (File Photo)
Father Paul D. Seil will talk about foster care on the next "Our Daily Bread." (File Photo)

Throughout the world, foster parents open their hearts and homes to children in need. On today's "Our Daily Bread," hosted by Father Paul D. Seil, the topic of foster care is on the table. Joining Father Seil in the kitchen is Virginia Goodremote, director of foster care at Baker Victory Services in Lackawanna.  

"In 2012, in New York state alone, there were over 20,000 children in foster care," Goodremote explained. "Foster care provides a child or young adult temporary care while every effort is made to reunite them with their caregivers. Most children are removed from their homes due to issues of abuse or neglect. When children are removed quickly, they may not have time to pack their belongings."

Care-cases are now being provided to these children so they are able walk out of a difficult situation with hope and dignity.  Deacon Paul Snyder of St. Mary Parish in Swormville is heading up Project Care-case in Western New York, and will also join Father Seil in the kitchen.

"It is our hope, that by giving a Care-case to a foster child, it will help them feel more loved and secure during the difficult transition they need to make in their lives," explained Deacon Snyder.  "These duffle bags will be filled with items such as T-shirts, fleece blankets, stuffed animal, toothbrush and paste, soap, deodorant, shampoo, pajamas and books."

The primary goal of foster care is to reunite the family.  In instances when this is not possible, foster families may provide adoptive homes or assist in transitioning children into adoptive placement or independent living.

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