USCCB Pro Life Chairman applauds re-establishment of Mexico City Policy

Mon, Jan 23rd 2017 04:00 pm

WASHINGTON, DC—Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Chairman of the USCCB's Committee on Pro-Life Activities, applauded the memorandum issued today by President Donald Trump restoring the Mexico City Policy and extending its requirements to all U.S. global assistance.


Cardinal Dolan offered the following statement in response:


"We applaud President Trump's action today to restore the Mexico City Policy, which withholds taxpayer funds from foreign non-governmental organizations that promote or perform abortions overseas (often in violation of the host country's own laws). This is a welcome step toward restoring and enforcing important federal policies that respect the most fundamental human right—the right to life—as well as the long-standing, bi-partisan consensus against forcing Americans to participate in the violent act of abortion."


The Mexico City Policy, first announced at the United Nation's 1984 Conference on Population in Mexico City, requires foreign-based non-governmental organizations receiving U.S. aid to certify that they will not perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in developing nations. 


According to a Marist Poll released on January 23, 2017, an overwhelming majority (83%) of Americans support policies like the Mexico City Policy. This includes 73% of respondents who identify as "pro-choice."

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