Catholic League Appeal: 'The Love of Christ Impels Us'

Fri, Aug 19th 2016 03:45 pm
Diocesan Coordinator, Catholic League
The rector, Father Tadeusz Karkosz, and student priests at the Polish Pontifical College in Rome.
The rector, Father Tadeusz Karkosz, and student priests at the Polish Pontifical College in Rome.

Once again we reflect upon our concerns for the Catholic Church in Poland. Through the 73-year history of the Catholic League Organization much has been accomplished in charity, which cannot be evaluated in dollars alone or weighed by any material instrument.

Following World War II, after churches were rebuilt and tons of supplies were shipped to Poland, the inspired wisdom of the great primate Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski pleaded with the Polish hierarchy in the United States. "Help us to train and educate priests to be enlightened leaders and teachers in the ways of truth and faith." He then hopefully entrusted to their care and mission the support of the Polish Pontifical Institute and Polish Pontifical College, both in Rome. God alone knew how farsighted this effort would be where a son of Poland would be elected as successor of the Apostle Peter.

The Catholic League has been showered with accolades of praise for its accomplishment in charity.

Cardinal Samuel Stritch of Chicago: "In my judgment, this charity has been so outstanding an act of virtue that it has brought honor to all of us in the United States."

Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski of Poland: "Whenever I offer the Supreme Sacrifice vested in the liturgical vestments received from the Catholic League, whenever I hold in my hands your chalice, my mind and heart turn to you in America, ever conscious of our unity in the mutual love of Christ the High Priest."

Cardinal John Krol of Philadelphia: "The Catholic Church in Poland continues to amaze the world. Not only is it vigorous in faith and works in Poland, but because of the increasing vocations, it has strengthened the Church universal by sending hundreds of missionaries ... credit is due also to the Catholic League which in no small measure has helped the Church in Poland."

Bishop Edward D. Head of Buffalo: "By your generosity, support and prayers, you, the members of the Catholic League, have kept the spirit of Poland alive. You have stood in solidarity with the people of Poland in their love of freedom, in their dignity as human beings, in their lives as members of the Catholic faith."
As Church, we should continue to assist and stand alongside with our sisters and brothers in need in Poland, as well as those in troubled countries.

The Buffalo Diocese family has always been compassionate, generous and supportive. Thank you and God bless you. Like Simon of Cyrene, we continue to have tremendous moral significance, conveying consolation and encouragement.

As we get closer to a diamond anniversary of the Catholic League, we concentrate on its present strengthening and plan for the future. Recalling the zeal, dedication and strong drive of the league's pioneer leaders, let us continue with the same spirit in helping to meet the present needs of the Church in Poland. Our example of generosity will influence and inspire younger generations of Catholics. Each generation adds to the fruitfulness of the previous.

The Buffalo Diocese 2016 Catholic League Appeal takes place throughout the month of August, giving everyone the opportunity to make a contribution. The young, energetic priests at the institute and college in Rome are grateful for the scholarships for the higher studies you provide through the Catholic League.

Pastors, parish administrators are encouraged to have this second collection. An appropriate time would be the weekend of Aug. 20-21, prior to the feast of Our Lady of Czestochowa on Aug. 26. Contributions may be forwarded to: Catholic League, 160 Cable St., Buffalo, NY 14206.

I entrust all our efforts through the intercession of Our Lady of Czestochowa and St. John Paul II. God bless all of us for what we are able to do for the success of this year's appeal and the growth of the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ.   

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