Statement of Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger On the Death of George Floyd and Subsequent Turmoil

Mon, Jun 1st 2020 04:00 pm

"As followers of Jesus Christ and as Catholics, we have the responsibility and mandate to eliminate the tragedy and scourge of racism. Our hearts ache for the family of George Floyd who suffered and died senselessly at the hands of those sworn to serve and protect. We mourn with people of conscience everywhere who have been motivated to speak out against abuse of power and to give voice to all who suffer the persistent injustices of racist attitudes and practices.  It is not enough just to decry injustice, or even to pray and sympathize with those who suffer from an everyday experience of being treated as inferior or unworthy because of their racial or ethnic identities. This must be our constant work. 

"We have no more urgent task than to join with those of all faiths in promoting the God-given dignity of each and every person, and to come together in these troubling days of our national life to bring about understanding, acceptance and healing among people of all races and backgrounds."