See you at the pole

by Amanda Bergman
Thu, Nov 21st 2019 11:00 am
St. Padre Pio, Oakfield

At my small Catholic high school, I am grateful to have always had strong role models who were in the classes ahead of mine. Some of them have been leaders in volunteerism, in extracurricular clubs, and in actively living their faith. Since several of these mentors of mine have graduated, I have needed to step into a few of their roles if I wanted to assure that certain programs continue.

This situation is what drew me to take on leading one of my favorite Notre Dame High School traditions: Prayer at the flagpole. "See you at the pole" falls within the Global Week of Student Prayer. The idea is to hold a student-organized gathering, under our right to free speech, where students of different beliefs have the opportunity to pray together.

Prayers shared are for students, our families and communities throughout the world. In reading up about it while I was planning the service, I was reminded of just how blessed I am to be in a place where I am allowed to share my faith.
With readings presented by a senior and a freshman from our campus ministry council, the service went very smoothly. There were about 25 students who gathered during homeroom, and they all took it seriously and participated. Many shared prayer intentions.  The service ended with everyone joining hands and praying the Memorare.

I am very glad that I took on this leadership opportunity because it encouraged me to remind myself that I am surrounded by fellow students who chose to show up to such an optional activity. Being on the leadership team of my youth group, and being on the Diocesan Youth Board has helped me to not only increase my faith, but to step out of my comfort zone and more actively evangelize.

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