Help Your Neighbor Find Hope

by Johnathan Samol
Tue, May 7th 2019 02:00 pm

My parents and I have recently watched the Catholic Charities' "Help Your Neighbor Find Hope 2019 Appeal Video" and we had many thoughts about it. First l will tell my dad's thoughts on the video. He said that he thought that the video was just a nice moment in a perfect family where a mom was putting her daughter to bed, and they were going through a few thoughts about the day and the days to come, but he was very surprised when it turned out that the girl and her mom were homeless and living in a van. He said this is also not the way he had pictured a homeless person. He said he had pictured a homeless person as outside, bundled up, all their belongings on them, being dirty and ragged, but these people were not at all like that, they were in a car, their belongings in the car with them, and they had clothes and were clean. My dad also was surprised how calm the mother was and how calm she kept her daughter. The mom was calm enough to do multiplication tables, and talk about running errands, and vacations with the girl, instead of panicking, and freaking out about how they were homeless. Now I will tell what my mom thought.

My mom was surprised that although the mother and her daughter were homeless, they still had hopes and dreams and were happy in general. My mom was also curious as to why they were homeless, and why they stayed in the van and didn't go to a shelter or place for the homeless. My little sister, Jessica, said that people should do more to help the homeless people in or not in the area. I felt very surprised by the outcome at the end, how they were homeless. I kind of liked how the mom was keeping her daughter calm and happy, along with herself. I also felt oddly betrayed, betrayed by this country, in a way, because this horrible event, homelessness, was not something that was only happening, "way out across the ocean, far out in another country or city", This terrible thing, was happening here, here in our country, here in our state, here in our city, here just around neighborhood, or say  down the street. I feel that we need more people to step up and try to help these people, we need people to help   the Catholic Charities,  that help  so  many homeless people year to year. Then we can give the homeless a bit of hope. That was what my family and I thought about the video.

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