A goal of post-Lenten fasting

by Megan Frawley
Fri, May 3rd 2019 02:00 pm
UB Newman Center

During the Easter season, I always find myself going back to the things that I fasted from during Lent. Why do we fast from something and then just quit once Easter comes? Yes, sacrificing things is difficult and it's important for us to rejoice in Easter, but if we can survive throughout Lent with our fasting, why should we not fast from it for the rest of our lives?

 When I fast, I am typically fasting from something that is not healthy for me or just something I don't need. Ever since I was little, I remember having fasted from dessert at dinner time. Dessert is something that I don't need, and because I don't need it, I want to try to permanently fast from it. It is not that big of a thing to continue doing, but it can help me be healthier.

Also during Lent, I do my best to be a generally nicer person. I try hard to fast from being judgmental. It's not that easy because, honestly, it's difficult to not judge anybody. I try to do my best to have a lighter attitude and dismiss negative thoughts as well. These are things that I believe are important for living a good Catholic life, not just a good Lenten life.

OnceLent is over, I end up going back to the way I was, being less happy and not holding back harsh words. I think it is important, especially in ways that affect other people and their overall well-being, that I keep fasting in this way.

Continuing fasting is something that I think many people could do even once Lent is over. I know that I should feel just as bad about my poor words or actions throughout the year, not only when I realize I broke my fast in Lent. With Lenten fasting, there's an end date in mind, but I think it would be more beneficial to my spirit to be able to say that the fast has become a lifetime.   

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