Marriage in Christ Seminar

Thu, Feb 7th 2019 11:00 am


Church of the Annunciation in Elma to Host the Marriage in Christ Seminar.
The Marriage in Christ ministry seeks to help married couples renew their love and affection for each other and for the Lord, strengthen their unity as a couple, and learn how to recognize the presence of God in ordinary life. The Church of the Annunciation will be hosting the Marriage in Christ seminar on the five Fridays of March (1, 8, 15, 22 and 29) from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m., in Selbert Hall, 7580 Clinton St., Elma. The seminar consists of a weekly group meeting for teaching and discussion, as well as an at-home component to help spouses spend quality time with each other. The seminar has been launched in churches all across North America. To date, nearly 1,400 couples have experienced more grace and tangible signs of the Holy Spirit at work in their marriage.
Since 2015, over 30 couples have participated in the seminar hosted by the Church of the Annunciation.  Attendees become more conscious and deliberate in an effort to strengthen their relationship. They realize that with family, demanding jobs, and a full schedule of other activities, it was very easy to get into autopilot mode when relating to each other. After attending attending the Marriage in Christ seminar, couples discover ways to find time to intentionally communicate to ensure they continue to grow together. The cost for the seminar is $85 per couple, $45 for Annunciation parishioners. (Ask your pastor if he will sponsor you.)
To register for the March seminar call Deb at 716 683-5254. For more information call Theresa at 716 937-7837. Learn more about the Marriage in Christ ministry at


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