Sound Board: He's the reason I sing

Mon, Dec 17th 2018 03:00 pm
Our Lady of Peace Parish, Clarence

Just the thought of Mass is very moving for many, but music is one of the many ways to give everything to God. Just closing your eyes and listening to the melody, listening to the lyrics and praying the song can make you at peace and aware that God is with you. This Christmas season, I invite you to take in the story of the Holy Family in a new way by listening to the music during the vigil. Take in the lyrics and listen to the story the song tells. It will help get you in the emotional state to be ready to learn about God and to be ready to let Him in.

As someone who loves music I look at the hymns as a story and I imagine what is happening in that story. I imagine everything from what time of day it is, to how the people in the song are feeling. When I know I fully understand then I know I am ready to sing. One might say that the rhythm and pronunciation is the most important part. However, without the understanding of the song and emotion the song is in a way meaningless; it's almost like a robot singing. This Christmas season, I encourage you to listen to the story behind every song and really take the time to understand Jesus and let Him into your life.  

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