Sound Board: Job, school and faith can work together

Tue, Nov 27th 2018 11:00 am
St. Martha Parish, Depew

My name is Rebecca Young and I am a senior at the Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart. My time on Youth Board so far this year has had a meaningful impact on my life already. I love knowing that I will have an important role in helping and serving others throughout the diocese this year. I am excited to work with the other members of the diocesan Youth Board to plan the convention and work to serve as a voice for the youth of the diocese. Being a part of the board is just one of the places where faith is prevalent in my life.

One other place where my faith is prominent is at my job at Camp Turner, where I work the summer as a camp counselor. I spend the summer caring for children and helping them to not only have fun, but also grow in their faith. Each summer, I also grow deeper in my faith by realizing all of the beauty that God has placed around us in nature and in the people in our lives. Another aspect of my life where my faith is a defining factor is in my education.

I attend the Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart and faith is a large part of my education. I have taken religion classes every day since freshman year and learning to incorporate my faith into not only my everyday life, but also into my education has been a meaningful experience that has helped me form my faith into what it is today. SHA is rooted in Franciscan values of service and caring for others and that has instilled in me a strong drive to always do more for others and volunteer in my community whenever I can. Overall, I am excited to be apart of the diocesan Youth Board as it will be one more aspect of my life where I can grow and share in my faith with those around me.


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