A retreatant's reflections on the Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life

Thu, Sep 28th 2017 08:00 am
Ignatius Retreatant

What is it like to have peace within? What is it like to know God loves you regardless of your faults? What is it like to love God, to know Him more and want to do His will?

About eight years ago, I was invited by my sister to attend the Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life. She had made the retreat and expressed to me how wonderful it was. I had never heard of it before. I felt I was in a good place in my spiritual life. I had made other retreats and attended conferences and Bible study, but we are all on our own spiritual journey in our own time. My sister approached me for the next two years. In that second year, I was ready to move ahead and said, "Yes."
Truthfully, I was apprehensive about the length and commitment of the retreat, but after two meetings I was hooked. The intimacy and compassion of the group plays a powerful role. I went into the retreat thinking it would help me grow in my relationship with God, but I had no idea what the outcome would be and how it would improve my life.

To describe it is difficult, because it is such a personal relationship with our Savior. However, I will briefly give some reflection on how it aided in my spiritual growth. Since the retreat, I see the humanity of Christ as a human. I can reveal my true self to Christ, and accept myself for who I am and was created to be. I can forgive myself. My relationship with my Lord has deepened beyond words, and continues to grow. I am aware of His blessings in my everyday life and aware of His beauty in nature and in creatures.

I've become a compassionate listener, more sensitive to the voice of the Spirit and discerning His will for me; trusting that the Spirit will prompt me and show me the way. I can go on, but experiencing the retreat is the best way to find out and continue your spiritual journey.  

I invite you to commit to the Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life on your spiritual journey. The retreat consists of bimonthly meetings through April. Meetings usually take place at someone's home or at St. Michael Church in Buffalo.

For more information, call Gini Schultz at 716-837-6020, Joseph Ritzert at 716-627-5530, or visit the website at www.spirexignatius.org.  

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