Sound Board: Music be the food of love, life and faith

Fri, Sep 22nd 2017 03:15 pm
St. Padre Pio, Oakfield

Music, a universal language. It evokes thoughts, feelings, and memories. For teenagers, music is an essential part of life. We listen to music while we get ready for school, do homework, or when we are just relaxing. As I have grown, my music choices have developed as well. There are also special songs that I will always remember and love, like "This Town" by Niall Horan or "Caroline" by Amine.  When I hear certain songs from my childhood it brings back memories from church, and suddenly I am 7 years old again sitting with my family in our favorite pew.

As I have experienced many different Masses and prayer services, I have new songs that remind me of my spiritual life. From praise songs like "Here I Am" to moving hymns like "Transfigure Us, O Lord"; each brings a different thought to the surface to make me smile. My time at Catholic school has also given me some familiar songs, so that when I hear them at another church or service I can follow along and remember those good times with my friends.

There are many different genres of music, from country to hip-hop; each and every one is able to complement a setting or feeling. For instance, I, personally, will listen to rap before a big game, or country when I am with my grandparents and certain friends, or classical piano for study sessions, or quiet praise songs for my personal times with God. Music - all types, all styles - is such a wonderful gift and blessing in my life and other teens' just like mine. It has the potential to open your heart to new experiences and encounters. Sometimes, through the music, you can hear where God is calling you and helping you get through the struggles and joys of life.  

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