Sound Board: Adoration offers clarity for life's biggest decisions

Fri, Jun 23rd 2017 02:00 pm
Our Lady of Charity, Buffalo

Teens in this day and age are often bombarded with daunting and overwhelming decisions that need to be made in a timely fashion. For many, the decisions include where to go to high school or college, what career path they should choose, and how they want to live their lives. These important and life-changing decisions can leave teens feeling frustrated, confused and misguided. It was not until I started living on call to the Holy Spirit, and truly listening to God's plan for me that I began to feel confident in my choices.

For all of my junior year, and the majority of my senior year, I thought that I wanted to study speech and language pathology. All of the colleges I had applied to had amazing speech pathologist programs, and I felt pretty good about my career path. However, it was not until a particularly inspiring time of Eucharistic adoration that I realized my gifts and strengths could be used more effectively in an alternate area of study.

During that adoration session, I had asked God for clarity in a different area of my life, but walked out of adoration with clarity and confidence in a new area of study. This helped me to realize that although I had asked God for clarity about one aspect of my life, He gave me clarity in what I really needed clarity in. Walking out of adoration, I was more confident in my new career path of choice because I knew that it is what God had planned for me.

I had decided I wanted to become a social worker. With that career path, I now know that I can use my gifts of empathy and compassion to better the lives of the people around me. I will be able to use my gifts in a more effective and suitable way, and I would not have come to that decision without the help of prayer and faith. This experience revealed to me the importance of listening to God's plan and trusting that He knows what is best for me.


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