Sound Board: I resolve to live positvely dangerously

Tue, Jan 31st 2017 09:20 am
St. Stephen, Grand Island

Christmas and New Year's have now passed, which means it is the season of resolutions.

Most years, my resolutions are to eat healthier or be more outgoing and kind, but this year is different and holds more meaning to me, so I do not plan on forgetting it by the middle of February. This resolution of mine was sparked by my experiences while on the diocesan Youth Board.

Joining the Youth Board was a big step I took in forging my faith life, and through it I have learned about living a positively dangerous life. This is where my New Year's resolution ties in.

To live the most positively dangerous life that I can, there are certain characteristics I must acquire, characteristics that I have learned while serving on the board and preparing for the youth convention in March.

Throughout the past six months, I have learned that being positively dangerous is to be in love with Jesus and allow our faith to affect our actions in a way that puts others in a position where they will have a personal encounter with God.This lifestyle requires the characteristics of loving God, loving others, being authentic, living with integrity and living on call.

When I start this resolution, I will be focusing on loving others first. Loving others, to me, is taking a step back from my wants or needs and giving myself to others to help anyway that I can. I am going to try to be more active in community service by volunteering at a different place each month. I am hoping that, through this experience, I will acquire a greater appreciation for the things I have and the talents I have been given. I hope, also, to be able to make an impact on the differing communities and people I may encounter along the way.

I am excited to work on Living on Call, as well, during this resolution and my life to come. I think that this one is the hardest to achieve, as you have to have complete trust and an open communication with God.

As much as I would like to say I am there, I don't think I am just yet. This will take a lot of mental strength and strength in my faith to reassure me that what I am doing is right by God. All of these characteristics are included in my resolution, even though I will focus on one at a time and they will take time to achieve.

This resolution will better myself and, in turn, will invite others to join the Church and live a more faith-filled life.

I pray for patience during this resolution, as I will never be fully done with my journey of living a positively dangerous life.

Many situations and people will test my patience and will to continue on with this resolution; I have no doubt of that. These obstacles will only heighten my desire to fulfill this goal, as I am always up for a challenge and am determined to succeed.

This year, instead of the hackneyed resolution of working out more or eating healthier, I am challenging myself to live a positively dangerous life. This is no easy task, but I am more than willing to challenge myself. I implore all of you readers to take on this resolution as well, to enrich yourself as a follower of Christ.  

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