Corpus Christi calendar highlights history

Sun, Nov 13th 2016 07:00 am

The copper domes of its twin towers stand tall over the city's East Side, and now there is a new way to highlight the history of Corpus Christi Church on Clark Street in Buffalo. To mark the 110th anniversary of the laying of its cornerstone, Corpus Christi Church is selling a 2017 calendar with historic photos.

"The calendar is the way to present our parish," said Father Michal Czyzewski, administrator of the church. "It's to remind all parishioners, for new parishioners and all people hearing about this parish."

One of the photos shows Bishop Charles H. Colton surrounded by clergy and altar boys on that day in July of 1907 when the cornerstone was consecrated. Another photo in the calendar shows Sister Henrietta Baldyga teaching a kindergarten class in 1948. "Some parishioners still remember her from this picture," said Father Czyzewski.

Father Czyzewski noted the calendar is just one way to kick off two exciting years at Corpus Christi Church. "We have a plan to make something for next year, in 2018, when we will celebrate the 120th anniversary of the parish," he said.

Calendars can be purchased for $10 each at the Corpus Christi Church rectory, 199 Clark St., or by calling 716-896-1050. They are also available through the church website,, for an additional $5 shipping and handling fee.   

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