D'Youville security now pedaling across the campus

Wed, Aug 31st 2016 09:00 am
New D'Youville College bike patrol on campus.
New D'Youville College bike patrol on campus.

D'Youville College campus security officers are now pedaling across the West Side campus as part of the D'Youville Campus Security Operations' new bike patrol. The unit rolled out July 1.

The college purchased two police-grade patrol bikes, completely outfitted and equipped with a highly visible security patrol light package, siren and a mobile first aid unit. The bike patrol will supplement the college's ongoing foot patrols and numerous posted positions currently in place around the campus.

"We're always looking for ways to better serve and protect the campus community," said Keith J. Bova, director of Security at D'Youville. "Placing highly skilled and trained officers on bicycles will allow the Campus Security Department to be more effective in reducing our response times to complaints and incidents that occur on and around the campus, extend our patrol deeper in the neighboring community and cover much more ground as D'Youville's footprint has expanded over the years."

Officers were selected for the bicycle patrol from a quality pool of experienced cyclists who volunteered for the position, Bova said. They were trained at the University at Buffalo's Police Bike School Certification Course, registered through the International Police Mountain Bike Association. The four-day training was led by one of UB's Campus Police Department bicycle patrol instructors.

"The Mountain Bike Association is an international standard in police bike patrolling and training is mandatory for the officers to complete before becoming part of the new unit," Bova said. Other local laws enforcement agencies, including the Buffalo Police, New York State Troopers, Lancaster Police and other local educational institutions and hospitals have bicycle patrols, Bova noted.

"We are always concerned about the security of our students, faculty, staff and area residents. This is just another means of enhancing the security team and working to create a safe environment in and around D'Youville College," said Dr. William J. Mariani, interim president of D'Youville.

Officers will wear highly visible official D'Youville College/U.S. Security Bike Patrol uniforms and will operate most of the spring, summer and fall seasons, except during severe or inclement weather.

"D'Youville Campus Security has a great working relationship with local law enforcement in the area and this will only enhance our ability and determination to help the Buffalo Police B-District deter crime on and around campus on the West Side of Buffalo," Bova said.

"Our plan is for this unit to serve as an effective, proactive force in crime prevention, detection and enforcement."


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