Sound Board: CLI teaches the skills to lead

Wed, Jun 22nd 2016 09:00 am
Our Lady of Charity, Buffalo

I walked into the Catholic Center not knowing what I would be asked or if my responses to the questions would be good enough. I knew what I wrote on my Diocesan Youth Board application was from my heart and every single word was the truth, but I had always been better at writing than speaking. When I made my way upstairs and saw Kathy Goller there, I immediately felt some of my nerves subside. She led me into the room where Mike Slish met us to begin the interview.

Before asking any difficult questions, Kathy asked me what I had thought of the Christian Leadership Institute and I relaxed completely, smiled from ear to ear, and sat up straight as I began to tell her how much I loved it and wish I could go back. I was ready for any other questions they wanted to ask me after that.

Thinking back on CLI helped me recall skills I had learned when I was there - communication and expressing myself. I knew I wanted to be on the Youth Board and be a part of such an amazing group. Although I had not known in that moment who else would be on the board, I was excited to see everyone I might know and meet new people. During that meeting I realized my potential to be a part of the board and to impact many aspects of the Church. The feelings of hope and confidence I had in that meeting have never faded.   

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