AA member uses Bible as reminder of God's forgiveness

Wed, Oct 7th 2015 10:00 am
Staff Reporter

Author KayeLynn Grayce blends the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with Bible scripture and her own life as an exercise in sobriety in her book, "A Spiritual Awakening - Finding Your Connection."

Each chapter of the book coincides with one of the 12 steps of AA. Step one, "Admit you are powerless over alcohol," leads into a story of Noah coming home drunk after a few drinks with the guys. Grayce uses much poetic license and a modern tone when retelling Bible stories. Grayce then parallels her own life story to that of the biblical characters.  Each chapter ends with a direction of some sort, "maintain an attitude of gratitude," for instance.

As Noah, wanders home after a night at the pub with some friends, he wonders what he will tell his wife. Grayce tells of her own walk of shame after being arrested for a DUI.  Ruth's loss of her husband shortly after their wedding is compared to Grayce's loss of her husband, also a drinker. Each chapter ends with a message she learned from AA.

While easy to read and well structured, the book seems to only skim the top of addictions. It does not analyze the reasons Grayce drank or, other than attending AA meetings and prayer, how she is able to remain sober. Grayce mentions receiving a DUI, going through four marriages, and worrying about her son, but seems to be more concerned with clever writing than telling a compelling story.

In promotional material for the book Grayce said, "The Bible is not a Who's Who? book of saints, but story after story of real people who dealt with real issues and sinned along the way."  That seems to be the lesson she wants to share. Regardless of what mistakes have been made, it is never to late to ask forgiveness and make a better life.

"A Spiritual Awakening - Finding Your Connection" by KayeLynn Grayce is published by Westbow Press and can be purchased from Amazon.

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