Communication campaign helps spread news in diocese

Mon, Jun 8th 2015 10:00 am
Communications Staff

Digital communications are everywhere from online newspapers and websites to social media.  Today's consumers demand up-to-date news.

That "news" can be anything from a post on Facebook or a comment on a Twitter account to a YouTube video or a radio podcast.  Magazines, newspapers and news programs are online for viewing and/or listening.  Technology is pouring in daily as we race to keep current. Pope Francis, in his message for World Communications Day, said, "The digital world can be an environment rich in humanity, a network not of wires, but of people."

The Diocesan Office of Communications, the people who utilize digital communications daily to spread the Good News about what's happening in the diocese, are able to do their jobs because of the generosity of Catholics who have supported the annual Catholic Communication Campaign.

This year's collection will be held the weekend of June 13 and 14 in all parishes within the diocese.  Half the funds raised stay in the diocese to assist the Office of Communications in their ministry and the remaining half goes to the national office to support endeavors such as and grants for various communications projects.  

The Communications Office is the home of the Western New York Catholic, the monthly diocesan newspaper; Daybreak TV Productions, which creates documentaries and records daily and Sunday Masses; radio ministry; media relations and the Catholic Directory.  Between each of these areas, there are four websites, three Facebook accounts, two Twitter accounts and one each of YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram and Periscope.  

Maintaining these, in addition to other outlets such as televised Masses and programming, radio programming and handling media releases and requests, keeps the men and women in the Office of Communications busy.  A week doesn't go by when someone isn't working a weekend or evening to bring the news to the people of Western New York.  

Sister M. Johnice Rzadkiewicz, CSSF, executive director of the Response to Love Center and this year's CCC honorary chairperson, knows full well the power of communications and utilizes the communications' tools in her own ministry.  The Response to Love Center provides copies of the Western New York Catholic to its clients and, since there are some who cannot read, she points out what is happening in the diocese through the photos in the paper.  And, although some may be concerned about the amount of television people watch, Sister Johnice sees it as a way to bring people back to church, especially through Daybreak's televised daily and Sunday Masses.

Listen to Sister Johnice on the WNY Catholic Weekly podcast.

Without the funds from the annual CCC collection, the Office of Communications would not be able to provide the wide array of programs, publications, and services that are such a staple in the lives of Catholic Western New Yorkers.

To contribute to this year's Catholic Communication Campaign, take part in the collection at the parish level or make a secure online donation below.  Checks, made payable to the Diocese of Buffalo, also may be sent to the Office of Communications at 795 Main St., Buffalo, 14203.  

The Catholic Communication Campaign is an activity of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops that develops media programming, public service announcements, and other resources to promote Gospel values. Donations from Catholic parishioners to the annual collection make possible the work of the CCC.

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