Sound Board: Month of Mary has special meaning

Fri, May 8th 2015 03:00 pm
Our Lady of Mercy Parish, Le Roy

Since the 13th century, the month of May has been especially dedicated to Our Blessed Lady, Mother Mary.  This is often seen as a dedication to new life.  Especially after our cold winter, everyone is hoping that spring will finally roll around - that the classic saying "April showers bring May flowers" will come true. May is also the culmination of a long decision-making process for many seniors that brings a sort of new life - where to attend college.

The long, arduous process really begins as a freshman in high school, studying hard in an effort to go to whichever college you want. Then choosing which colleges to apply to, visiting and assessing each college or university. Finally, the admissions decisions come and seniors start deciding where they will spend the next few years of their life. 

Throughout this long process, I have turned to my faith - especially Mary - in asking for help with assignments, tests, papers, college applications, and finally the big decision. The stress of this time was alleviated knowing that my faith was guiding me and that God would bring me through it. Not only for seniors getting ready for a new life, but for everyone in the Catholic faith, the month of May reminds us of the new life the Virgin Mother brought to us with Christ. 

May brings special recognition to Mother Mary in some parishes with a special crowning of a statue of Mary.  There is a special choosing of a young girl and boy, often who have just made their First Communion. This can sometimes turn into a superficial event, only worrying about the technicalities of the ceremony while forgetting the real reason for it. In this month of Mary, it must be remember that Mary was chosen by God to bring Christ into this world, and that choice is the reason for the celebration of the month and the May crowning. 

We can always turn to Mary for guidance and we need to remember that she is a very important tool in our Catholic faith.  As we move through this month of Mary, we should try to use her as the vessel chosen by God to bring His Son into the world.

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