Video remote interpreting removes language barriers at Catholic Health

Wed, Apr 22nd 2015 08:55 am

Catholic Health has taken an important step in removing language barriers in its hospitals with the addition of video remote interpreting services.

The evolving field of virtual interpreters is helping hospitals make medical conversations much easier and ensures that patients are able to receive the highest quality care regardless of language barriers, cultural backgrounds or disabilities.

InDemand Interpreting, the system used in Catholic Health, offers VRI services on PC or tablet devices available on portable carts that can be wheeled into the patient's room. VRI allows hospital staff to use interpreters via a live, web-based video conference with medically trained and certified interpreters. The system gives the hospital 24/7 access to interpreters in more than 200 languages, including American Sign Language.

"To ensure the best possible patient care, a medically trained interpreter is the best way to communicate healthcare information properly," said Kathy Kanaley, patient care representative at Kenmore Mercy Hospital. "If there is not effective communication between the patient and the provider, it can delay care, which can be critical during an emergency. With video remote interpreting, we can offer our patients prompt, professional interpreting services any time of day."

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