Catholic Cemeteries encourages pre-planning, creating lifetime of memories

Sun, Mar 15th 2015 08:00 am
Catholic Cemeteries of Buffalo
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Cheektowaga (WNYCatholic File)
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Cheektowaga (WNYCatholic File)

It started as a casual conversation between strangers enjoying a cup of coffee at a local coffee house. While one person waited at the shop for an oil change, a couple was there warming up after helping their children dig out from seven feet of snow. They exchanged words about the storm.

The snow had impacted some of the Catholic cemeteries in the diocese. The couple had family buried in one of the Catholic cemeteries. They also shared that they would be buried there as well, but had yet to make any arrangements.

The couple realized this was not something to be left for their children to handle. They were aware of how important it was to pre-plan for their funeral and burial, but could not bring themselves to follow through on it. They felt it would be a depressing experience. They knew it was illogical and an emotional reaction to a rational decision.

It has been shown that pre-planning eases people's minds and brings a sense of peace in knowing their plans have been made and no burden will be placed on family members in the future.

The professional staff of Catholic Cemeteries has been witness to both sides of this situation and understands the benefits of pre-planning. Staff members know how important it is for people to make their plans, then to live life creating memories to last a lifetime.

Catholic Cemeteries wants to support people in pre-planning funeral arrangements. Now through May 2, everyone who purchases burial space in one of Catholic Cemeteries' seven locations will receive a gift certificate for one of six life experiences. Those who pre-plan may choose from a spa day, winery passport, golf lesson, painting class, theater tickets or a family photo session.

The selections are intended to support the understanding that life is about doing new things, living each day fully and discovering the joy and grace in each moment.

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