Christmas Mass from Buffalo to be shown on NBC-TV affilliates nationally

Wed, Nov 5th 2014 02:00 pm

Approximately 300 high school students from throughout Western New York attended a recording of the 2014 Christmas Mass at the Mercy Center Chapel of the Sisters of Mercy in South Buffalo on Saturday. Bishop Richard J. Malone, bishop of Buffalo, was the celebrant for the Mass that will air nationwide on NBC channels on Christmas Day.

Daybreak TV Productions of the Diocese of Buffalo was asked by the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission to produce, "Joy to the World, Christmas Mass" for NBC-TV affiliates.

The congregation of high school students from area Catholic and public schools, as well as home-schooled students, not only comprised the congregation, but also sang in the choir and served as lectors, altar servers, Eucharistic ministers and cantors.

The Mount Mercy Academy Women's choir, Mount Mercy Hand Bell Choir and St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute Varsity Singers are featured.

In Buffalo, WGRZ-TV will broadcast the Mass on Christmas. The airtime is to be determined.

Daybreak has produced a Christmas Mass in 2011 and an Easter Mass in 2014 for national broadcast on ABC-TV through the Interfaith Broadcast Commission.  

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