Newest Catholic Cemeteries of Buffalo chapel mausoleum is dedicated

Sat, Jun 21st 2014 04:00 pm

Phase three of the chapel mausoleum complex at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Cheektowaga was completed on June 21, when Bishop Richard J. Malone presided over the Mass and dedication of the St. Anthony Chapel Mausoleum.

"This blessing today of this beautiful mausoleum is really a celebration of one of the most glorious truths of our Christian faith - the Creed," Bishop Malone said during his homily.  "What we proclaim every single Sunday culminations of the proclamation of the resurrection of the dead on the last day and life everlasting."

Carmen Colao, diocesan director of Catholic Cemeteries of Buffalo, said all three phases are connected to make the chapel mausoleum look like a single building.  "We added 385 all interior crypt spaces along with 264 niches for cremated remains," Colao said.  "With this entire complex, we have about 2,300 casket spaces and 650 niche spaces.  It's a beautiful structure and I hope are families are going to be pleased."  

The first phase of the complex, St. Francis of Assisi Chapel Mausoleum, was dedicated in 1993.  Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel Mausoleum followed seven years later.  Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, located on Harlem Road, was founded in 1913.  There are more than 20,000 interments in the 33 acre cemetery.

"Not everyone has the privilege of having families who care so much about them to have a beautiful place for their earthly remains to be, until the resurrection of the body comes," Bishop Malone said.  "I always encourage families, when they are considering their own place of burial to be in touch with our Catholic Cemeteries because we can be very, very helpful in planning," Bishop Malone said.


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