Diocesan newspaper brings life of diocese to print

Fri, Jun 6th 2014 01:00 pm

The Western New York Catholic is an important part of the Catholic Communication Campaign which will take place in parishes on the weekend of June 7-8.

The staff of the Western New York Catholic is constantly trying to make sure readers receive the best information and visuals possible. As the newspaper fulfills its mission of bringing the life of the diocese to Catholics, its goals always include making the paper easy to read with a clean and impressionable layout and design.

The one thing that doesn't change is the inclusion of informational stories on what the Church teaches and why. The pages of the newspaper always include inspirational stories of Catholics who are living their faith and making a difference.

The Western New York Catholic is privileged to include a column by Bishop Richard J. Malone. In his column, Bishop Malone shares his wonderful combination of faith, intelligence, wit and spirit with Catholics in the diocese. He communicates a timely message of importance whether it is about education or freedom of religion or a meaningful reflection. The Western New York Catholic provides a vital line of communication between the chief shepherd of the diocese and the Catholic faithful.

In his World Day of Communications message, Pope Francis said that communications media can help bring people closer and create a sense of unity. This is another goal the Western New York Catholic tries to attain each month with stories about Catholics and parishes throughout the diocese.

The Western New York Catholic will soon include some updated content as it seeks to provide various aspects of the Church to readers. There will be a series of articles on the often misunderstood role of the permanent deacon. The series will look at some of the history of the permanent diaconate, but more so on current ministries and what might take place in the future. This series will be written by several permanent deacons in the diocese.

The diocesan newspaper will also include stories and columns on the New Evangelization, so prominent in today's Church. The paper will also better integrate its website with content in the newspaper.

The paper has always updated its content to better inform readers and foster the Gospel message. The current staff of the Western New York Catholic continues to follow this tradition. Award-winning writers, photographers and designers will continue to bring stories which show the Catholic faith in action and serve as a connection to Pope Francis, Bishop Malone and the Church.  

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